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Preserving Nature by Design

Architectural Design rooted by the Client's Vision

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Nature gave us one tongue but two ears so that we may listen twice as much as we speak.


Every Client is unique and each one of you have different visions.  We are here to listen to your dreams & desires and help shape in to reality.

We utilize experience from practicing architecture and energy standards to provide a project highly focused on Preserving Nature by Design…

We have spent our professional career designing, developing, and managing projects as well as HERS Rating residences. 

We provide the following services:
  • Architectural Renderings
  • Single Family New Homes
  • Single Family Remodels
  • Retail Lease Space Finish Outs
  • Office Buildings
  • Landscaping Plans
  • Land Planning
  • Energy Rating Homes and Apartments


Matt needed someone who could help his vision become a reality.  He commissioned me to help with designing exterior and interior spaces.  I was able to render the spaces in 3D and allow Matt to see his vision before it was built.

My ultimate goal was to get him open again so I could get a Double Cut Chop!

All Creatures Animal Hospital

Dr. David was quickly outgrowing his space.  He attended camps on designing a new Animal Hospital and had many ideas.  Our task was to organize these ideas and place them in an efficient layout with a comforting residential feel.

Thanks for keeping Hot Springs’ fur-babies healthy!


Beachy Retreat

John & Doni wanted a beachy retreat to escape to on the weekends.  They found the perfect location, but the house did not take advantage of the views and was choppy.  We incorporated the modern aesthetic into a open floor plan ready for entertaining & relaxing.   

-Enjoy your weekends John & Doni-

Trademark in the village

Trademark Real-Estate was looking to expand in Hot Springs Village.  They had a strong concept but needed help with the final touches.  The building includes offices and banquet hall for events.  We provided plans for them to get construction rolling.  

Hey Villagers, keep the banquet hall noise to a minimum.

Perched over Lake hamilton

Brent & Sonia spent some time in Mexico overlooking the Taxco Mountains.  They wanted a quaint home to settle down in and enjoy the views of Lake Hamilton.  We studied the best views and site location to replicate their views in Mexico.   

Not quite the Taxco mountains.  but the sunsets will be awesome.  

custom homes

I am constantly meeting new Clients who have unique visions.  It is fun to get to know them and produce a house they can call home. These are some examples

Thank you all for giving the opportunity to help!     

Commercial Projects

Commercial projects can vary from initial renderings to get a sense of the space to a full set of permit documents.  I have been fortunate to help many entrepreneurs visualize their business endeavor and plan for the future.  

Now get busy making that dough.